Background to the study

In the days of old, most African communities/villages had a superstitious belief about almost everything, It was a taboo to give birth to twins, albinos, disfigured infants if any of these happened the village chief/king will give orders for them to be killed of left to die in the bushes.

To talk more on this, the researcher will narrow down to a place in Nigeria. (CALABAR).Calabar is the capital of the present day cross river in Nigeria, the people of Calabar are mostly of the efik/Ibibio speaking tribe.

In the late 1800 and early 1900 the efik people of Calabar left twins to die in the bushes or sometimes they killed them, because to them it was a great sin and the logic behind this act was funny reason being that “the natives feared that the father of one of the infants was an evil spirit, that the mother of the babies has been guilty of a particular sin, being unable to identify which baby was fathered by the evil spirit the twin has to be left to die.

There were also acts like “if a village king or chief dies, innocent people will be killed and put into the kings grave, belief being that they will serve him in the next world, this was practiced mainly in Arochukwu and Ibo/Igbo speaking tribe that shared boundary with the efiks, they are located in the present day Abia-state,all these were superstition because there wasn’t a way to proof that it really worked, there were also cases of cannibalism and human sacrifices.

Statement of the Problem

This barbarous act continued not until a Scottish missionary{Mary Mitchell selessor} was sent to Calabar to spread the works/words of Christianity and Christ himself.

When she arrived Calabar she spent 3 years in the missionary compound and decided to explore the efik land of Calabar, she took it upon her self to educate the natives of Calabar on their act of killing, she was going round and round the places she could reach piking up innocent twins left to die and sending them to the missionary compound , even there was an account where she picked up a boy and a girl but the male child did not survive ,she adopted the female child and named her Jannie as her own child.

In 1888 august ,she travelled to a place and settled amongst the efik people of okoyong ,here she learnt to speak efik, soon after she became the vice consul of okoyong. Here she preached the words of God and prayed for the sick and also criticized there superstitious beliefs which the people adhered to later on.

She finally got the natives to change their ways, she helped in the establishment of “HOPE WADDELL TRAINING INSTITUTE IN CALABAR” this provided the efiks with vocational trainings.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to investigate Mary Slessor And Her Social Crusade In Calabar  between the period of  1817-1915.

Scope and Limitations of the study

Every research has its own challenges. Notwithstanding, this research had its own limitations. The geography of this research work is confirmed to CROSS RIVER. The study was focused on the investigation mary slessor and her social crusade in Calabar.

In writing this research thus, one is bound to be confronted by certain constraints like time constraints, school schedules and financial handicap. At the study area, getting the attention of the citizen readiness to divulge information often turns difficult as most are completely engaged in their duties. Equally, the preparation and administering questionnaires all attracts cost which constituted to limit its spray.     Due to the combination of studies and work the researcher also did had limited time, but these limitations did not affect the validity of the study

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