Negative effects of chemical on agricultural production in Nigeria


Agrochemicals are exceedingly dangerous and have been associated with serious issues with human health and the environment (Briggs et al, 1989). One of the major causes of ground water contamination is the extensive use of agrochemicals in agricultural areas (Singh et al., 2004) Despite only making up 20% of the world’s pesticide consumption, less developed countries are responsible for around half of all human poisonings, according to Konradsenet al. Many chemicals still used in agriculture and industry are categorized by the Stockholm Convention as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which have negative effects on human health and the environment (Ashburner and Friedrich,2001).

Consumers today demand high standards in marketed and processed foods with an emphasis especially on agricultural techniques with little to no negative environmental impact since they are becoming more and more conscious of the significance of food safety (MOA, JICA, 2004). Prior pilot studies on pesticide handling in Thailand, Guatemala, and Kenya demonstrated that the level of control increases until the product reaches the retailer’s shelf.

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