Dioscorea bulbifera is a major stable food crop which is a species of yam widely distributed around the world in tropical and subtropical regions. Dioscorea bulbifera have been traditionally used to lower glycemic index, thus providing a more sustained form of energy and better protection against obesity and diabetics, it also has anti-cancer properties. The present study was undertaken to investigate the nutritional profile and phytochemical screening of Discorea bulbifera. Which contain protein 7.47%, moisture 14.74%, ash 2.56%, fiber 0.35%, carbohydrate 73.62%. It also show the presence of some minerals like, Ca, Mg, K, P, and Na with some phytochemical analysis like saponin, tannin, flavoured and alkaloids.


Dioscorea bulbifera is a species of yam, it is one of the early foods, it was extensively cultivated and used by the generation of individual as an house hold name, means of survival, medicine and food etc. with different method of cooking, some roast, boil, and eat with oil and condiment, depending an individual. It has been agreed upon that people of old leave longer and the healthy, in respective of their none exposure, low health care system, poor sanitation and hygiene than the present century, even with all these facility close to our door step yet many fall appeal to various type of sickness and many wonder why?

An evaluation on the kind o food people of old depend on was found out to be the secret in other to verify, and confirm. (Oke, 1990). The most common tubers that were feed on by the old was picked and worked on. This was to check for the nutritive value, importance and uses of the aerial yam. Surprisingly most people dose not know such yam exist, and it is rarely sold in market. Only few people in this part of the eastern land still cultivate this yam species because of the value and importance.

This study is to help you found at the nutritive content of the aerial yam being one of the food eaten by people of the old which is their secret for healthy living and to inspire many people to revisit most the crop being cultivated and harvested by people of old and more light should be thrown on them.

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