Impact of Animation and Multimedia Teaching on Students’ Performance in Science Subjects



This paper presents the effect of animation and multimedia teaching on academic performance of students in sciences.100 students were randomly selected from four secondary schools in Ado Ekiti Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The research design employed for this study was quasi- experimental research design of two groups’ pre test, post test control design. The study lasted for the period of six weeks due to the experimental nature of the research. The pre test was administered to all the participants in other to be sure of their homogeneity. The treatment was administered to the experimental class with the use of cartoon style animation and multimedia teaching and the second group was taught with conventional teaching approach. The pre-test and post-test scores of the students in the conventional and multimedia teaching group were used for the purpose of data analysis. The results were analysed using t-test, three hypotheses were postulated. The result showed that (i) t- calculated (1.89) < t-table value (2.01), (N=100, x ( 19.50, 20.26), SD (5.02, 5.79), Df= 98) which confirmed the homogeneity of the two groups at the pre-test (ii) t-calculated (6.12) is greater than the t-table (1.98), (N=100, x(23.92, 50.66), SD (4.73, 6.43), Df= 98 ) which confirmed the effectiveness of the treatment of

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