Parent participation and school child education quality in secondary school In Nigeria


Parents have a great role to play in school child (SC) education quality and their participationmay enhance performance particularly in the foundation stage of educational system. The main aim of this study is to discuss the role of parent participation in providing SCeducation quality in secondary school (SS) Nigeria. Theparticipation ofparent in SS education system in Nigeria may takedifferent forms and it includes many activities both in school and home. The data for this study was obtained fromliterature, interviews with stakeholders of SS education system and was analysed descriptively using basic means at giving a clearand detailed . Based on the findings it can be concluded that parent participation for education quality is gaining positive attention ifschools work together as families and support learning for the parent can create good home environment that can encourage learningand support to express high level of expectations. In conclusion, this study indicates that the parent participation for education quality has a powerful impact on attainment of good behaviour attitude and character that can improve the entire society to perceive positive and dynamic.

The recommendations of these is essentials responsibility of parent participation for educationquality for SS the total support to donate related materials that encourage, motivate, contract, provide infrastructure, transport andalike for improvement of this generation

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