Phlebotomy, A Bridge Between Patients And Laboratory

Phlebotomy, A Bridge Between Patients And Laboratory


The evidence-based paradigm has changed and evolved medical practice. Phlebotomy, which dates back to the age of ancient Greece, has gained experience through the evolution of medicine becoming a fundamental diagnostic tool. Nowadays it connects the patient with the clinical laboratory dimension building up a bridge. However, more often there is a gap between laboratory and phlebotomist that causes misunderstandings and burdens on patient safety. Therefore, the scope of this review is delivering a view of modern phlebotomy to “bridge” patient and laboratory. In this regard the paper describes devices, tools and procedures in the light of the most recent scientific findings, also discussing their impact on both quality of blood testing and patient safety. It also addresses the issues concerning medical aspect of venipuncture, like the practical approach to the superficial veins anatomy, as well as the management of the patient’s compliance with the blood draw. Thereby, the clinical, technical and practical issues are treated with the same relevance throughout the entire paper.


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