PONZI-SCAM: Sunsolar Will Never Come Back Again

It is no longer news that sunpower is a group of high profile internet syndicates otherwise known as yahoo yahoo. It is estimated that they made away with atleast 100billion naira investors funds.

Sunpower claimed that they will resume working on 30th September but this is a pure lie, They keep playing with investors/victims emotions giving them false and fake hope.

After 30th they will announce a new date, they will keep doing this untill victims get tired and move on with their lives.

It is adviseable for victims to be very conscious at this time. They will create new platforms to lure you into investing with them. Please do not invest in any online platform that promises you return on investment. (ROI). They always rob peter to pay paul. When thry dont see peter, they will runaway with Pauls’s money.

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