problem and prospect of financial control tool



The subject matter of this study is problem and prospect of  financial control in organisation public sector  in Owerri North Imo State.

A research on this topic could not be more appropriate than new since all the workers in the civil services especially those involve in government finance operations are well  acquainted with financial control.  Therefore, the main motive of research was to look into the financial control in public sectors organistion.

Public accountability is not a new phenomenor, it is old as man in his social relational with his fellowman.  There was an element of answer which illustrate stewardship of accountability in government.

Moreso, in this research work secondary were used only in collecting data.  This method was done by collecting the existing literature or desk research method.

The researcher now presented and analyse all the facts she had collected that are related to the research work.

Finally, based on the above data analysis in chapter four and five, the researcher made some finding and recommendation and also conclusion, which would alleviate the difficulties uncounted by the public sector organisation.

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