An experienced car thief can steal your car in less than a minute, while some will simply smash the drivers’ window to get in, others may use master key or other devices to open the car door. Again some car snatcher steals the cars for the value of the car but where the sales of such may prove difficult, the cars are stolen for the value of their parts. Some of the most frequently stolen cars were also the most frequently sold cars either due to their worth or are in vague. Some intend to personally drive or sell the stolen car to an associate after altering the vehicle colour through spraying with new paint or by changing the plate number; worst still, your car may be used to commit another crime like an armed robbery or be used for kidnapping.

Automobile theft seems to occur with greater frequency where large groups of cars are parked together for extended periods like at airports, shopping centers, colleges, stadium, movie complexes, and large apartment complexes.

Car snatchers mode of operation usually includes but not limited to:

  1. Pursuing any vehicle that attracted their attention.
  2. Asking for assistance while pretending to be working on their faulty vehicle
  3. Asking for lift and thereby forcing their victims out of their cars at gun point.

4.While slowing down to negotiate a bend or avoiding pot holes or climbing bumps

Year in and out the Nigerian Police Force comes out with details list of stolen cars, the question remains what steps can be taken to discourage car thieves.  Auto theft continues to thrive despite those lists and regardless of new anti-theft technology that emerges with every new model year.

What else can be done rather than to equip your car with anti-theft protection; but having a mind picture of some of the ways these thieves steal cars, might help in  suggesting some ways on how to stop them from doing it.