Project Topic: Top 20 List of Ideas

Project topic is an areas of research or subject that student or professional researcher embarked upon in other to draw a conclusion in a scientific way. A Project topic may be conducted using either qualitative or quantitative methods and should be able to be more logical.

Choosing a good project topic is among a difficult task for students in the final year of study hence this page have painstakingly compiled all the useful tips, ideas, subject areas for project topic.

Project Topic and ideas

This is the list of items for project topic with brainstorming ideas for  college and high school student.

List of Project Topic

  1. A University Certificate Verification System Using Blockchain Technology
  2. Impact Of Management Accounting Practices On Profitability
  3. Impact Of Laboratory Facilities On The Academic Performance
  4. The effect of IPPIS in the control of payroll fraud in Nigeria public sector 
  5. Impact of monetary policy in controlling inflation in Nigeria
  6. The Effect Of Recruitment And Selection On Organizational Performance
  7. Design and construction of a cassava grating machine
  8. The Impacts of Google Classroom In The 21st Century Educational System
  9. Domestic debt burden and human welfare
  10. Implication of food security
  11. Impact Of E-Commerce On The Nigerian Economy
  12. Impact Of E-Commerce On The Nigerian Economy
  13. Factors Influencing The Choice Of Chemistry Education
  14. Effects Of Laboratory Practical Work
  15. Effects Of Teacher Made Models And Students Made Models On
  16. Primary School Pupil Participation In Sports
  17. A Comparative Assessment Of The Impact Of Whatsapp On Education
  18. The Effect Of Covid-19 On Almajiri Educational System
  19. Teachers’ Attitude As A Correlate Of Students’ Academic Performance
  20. Knowledge Of Causes  of Covid-19 Among Student

Where Do I Get Project Topic Ideas From?

Answer! You can get a project topic ideas from different disciplines or faculties of studies below



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