Radical Feminist Theory and Max Weber’s Power Theory


In analysing the theme of gender violence in Chimamanda Adichie‘s novels, Max Weber’s power theory and Radical Feminist theory will be applied since they both examine people’s ability to enforce their will in social relations, even if other people are resisting. Max Weber‘s power theory creates interesting analyses since it argues that all power differences needs to be justified and gain legitimacy in order to persist (Engelstad, 2006). But since power may appear in different forms and operate in different directions (Hydén & Månsson, 2007, p. 267). Furthermore, the radical feminist theory provides a women-centred critical perspective and bringing a deeper understanding of the gendered implications. The theoretical involvements with gender violence are mainly found within gender and feminist research. This is why this study is using the radical feminist theory as one of its analytical tools. This will illustrate why violence occurs and what enables such violence to occur, and how it takes its gendered form; why most, but not all, perpetrators are men and victims are women.

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