Resources control agitations and political stability in Nigeria

Resources control agitations and political stability in Nigeria


The political economy of Nigeria’s income allocation issue is as unpredictable as any other national topic, such as the country’s population.

As a result, the federal structure’s allocation of national money cannot be separated from the national question. As a result, there hasn’t been a generally approved national revenue allocation formula since 1947, and this debate can be compounded by Gov Victor Attah’s outburst in response to the Supreme Court verdict on the onshore/offshore contradiction in Akwa-IBOM state. To him, the supreme court’s decision would mean that they would be left with nothing, while those who have nothing to contribute but who are well-off in terms of population and land area, as measured by the federation’s revenue-sharing formula, would be given resources from our land to develop theirs. To these people, this is not only unfair, but downright wicked, and for these reasons, it is unacceptable.


For many years now, the allocation of revenues has been entwined with volatility, which has drawn the attention of both domestic and foreign observers.


In spite of this, the researcher is prepared to make his own contribution toward supporting stability, peace, and growth in the Nigerian polity and achieving national unity.

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