Road Traffic Offense Information Management System A Case Study Of FRSC Enugu


This Research paper is all About Road Traffic Offence System is a tool of computerized information management which attracts the assertion of every individual, government as well as cooperate organization because it is the gateway to our daily business activities. Road Traffic Management System ranging from highway codes, Road Traffic Offences, Traffic Jams to safety on the road. Existing result of the surveys indicates that in spite of all efforts being made by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) not much has been achieved and the need for the greater attention becomes imperative. Road safety program is the collective of preventive measure to ensure safety on our road in an attempt to remove the imminent danger. The basic fact is that a vast majority of Nigerians are quite aware of the necessity of Computerized Management System as the gateway to their day-to-day business as well as their requirement.

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The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) was established in 1988 vide FRSC Act Cap 141 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria LFN, 1990 as amended and today, FRSC (Establishment) Act, 2007 is the lead agency with statutory responsibility of overseeing Road Traffic Administration and Safety Management matters in Nigeria.

One of the challenges facing man today is how to effectively manage the enormous information he has acquired over the years.

Management in any given organization would keep proper record administrative record or personal record to mention apart from these, report can be generated which assist management in decision making. They play a role of properly organized file keeping system in management decision making.

The computerized management information system will ensure accurate report generation for management to plan, organized, control and coordinate the activities of the computerization, the computer department in any organization deals with the handing of the organization’s information on system which includes maintenance and documentation of employer’s profile and ensuring that their welfare is taken into consideration. It also maintains a good human relationship with the employers ensuring their physical fitness to enable them give maximum man power for efficient output.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The way and manner motorists use the roads leave much to be desired. Vehicle drivers take delight in driving on wrong lanes and even abuse the right of way rules, thereby creating conflict in the use of traffic, course delay and sometimes accident. This has lead to enormous road traffic offence on our roads particularly in the cities. This is attributable to poor road traffic offence management. Improved computerized Management Information Systems is the fundamental and the bedrock for increase in Information Technology (IT). Because of the importance of the improved information technology (IT), measures are taken to evolve all sectors of the economy into improved Information Technology compliant. The road traffic offence information sector should not be left out, because an increase in the use of improved information management technology has greater advantages, where process of collecting, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of road traffic offence information for the purposes of planning, controlling, coordinating and decision making are not in tone with times. The existing system of road traffic offence gives no room for pictorial identification of offenders. Hence wrong person could be accused. The system is decentralized making road traffic offence information manipulation and accessibility of the database difficult. Also the system has no room for pictorial diagram display of the offence committed, as well as the penalty of offence as an evidence to facilitate prosecution. Hence the offender often sees himself as being compelled to accept responsibility.


  1. To design an application program that can be used by federal road safety commission to keep offenders record.
  2. To relieve the staff of too much work load associated with manual entry of record.
  3. To provide application program that can be used to generate error free     reports and accurate information.
  4. To provide tool that will be used to avoid loss of data or information as a result of files transfer.
  5. To design a form that can be used to add offender(s) record, edit record and create a database that can be used to store record.
  6. To design application that will enable quick access to any record of file and display list and also compute the total amount to be paid by offenders for whatever offence

1.4 Significance of Study

Road traffic Information Management System provides road traffic information that is needed to manage road traffic organizations efficiently and effectively. Road traffic information management and the information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions. With the growth in information technology, the study offers numerous benefits to the Federal Road Safety Commission and other organisations that deal with road traffic offence information management. There are many reasons why a research on the road traffic offence information management system should be made at this time. The chief reasons being that:

  • Road traffic offence information management system uses integrated database-stores all road traffic offence information in a single database. This enhances fast, timely and secured accessibility and sharing of road traffic offence reports for the agency’s decision making
  • Identifying road traffic offenders with their pictorial images will aid the agency in authentic documentation and avoid prosecuting wrong persons.
  • Often times, Offenders deny ever committing a crime they are apprehended for due to absence of diagram sketch/pictorial display showing the crime committed. Displaying offender crime for the offender to see enhance the agency’s credibility and makes FRSC road traffic information reports reliable.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The study shall concentrate on importance of information and communication technology to road traffic safety management discussions as well as research works on attempts to improve on road safety management will be reviewed. It shall examine the state of FRSC and then propose a system to arrest the identified lapses militating against road traffic offence information management in Nigeria. 

1.6 Definition of terms

Terms are contextual. Words have the tendency to derive their meanings within the context of their use. This section of the chapter is devoted to the definition of road traffic computer terms used in this dissertation. This is important because road traffic information management terms are defined differently by different researchers, so specific definition of the terms as they apply to this study is therefore necessary to enable the readers to fully understand the meaning of the study and its proper significance.

Road Traffic Offence

This phrase refers to any act that causes or liable to cause violation of road traffic rules and regulations. Road traffic offence is an action taken or action not taken that violates road safety rules and regulation. For instance not reporting a road traffic accident is a road traffic offence.

 Information Technology

This term also called information system refers to a set of interrelated components that work together to collect, retrieve, process, store and disseminate information for the purpose of facilitating planning, control, co-ordinating and decision making. It usually includes hardware, software, people, communication systems, and data.

Information and Communication Technology

This refers to the fusion of Telecommunications, Electronics and Computer Information Systems used to retrieve, analyze, store, process, transmit, secure and intelligently interpret digital data either in storage or in transit

Intelligent Transport Systems

This refers to wide area of information based on wireless technology combined into infrastructure of transport system and the vehicle itself, these systems help in controlling and managing of traffic flows, reducing of traffic, finding alternative routes, saving of the environment as well as saving time

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