Secondary school teacher perspective and competent in the utilization of information and communication

Secondary school teacher perspective and competent in the utilizations of information and communication in Ilorin


One  of  the  numerous  goals  of  Nigeria  as  a  nation  is  to  aggressively  promote  ICT  as  an  instrument  of  mass education,  growth  and  development  (NEEDS,  2004).  There  is  no  doubt  that  teachers  are  indispensable  for successful  teaching  and  learning  with  ICT  and  their  competence  in  the  use  of  ICT  is  crucial  to  successful implementation  of  contemporary  school  curriculum.  This  study  therefore  examined  teachers’  perceived competence in the use of ICTs with respect to computer basics, use of the internet, and their ability to use simple softwares. A research question and three hypotheses were raised for the descriptive survey study. The instrument used for the  study  was  the  ICT  Competence  Questionnaire  (ICTCQ).  Simple  random  sampling  technique  was  used  to select 300 public secondary school teachers in the four geo-political zones in Illorin State. Frequency count and percentages were used for the research question while chi square was used in analyzing the hypotheses at 0.05 alpha level.

Findings indicated that;  

  • Most teachers in Illorin State secondary schools do not have the required competence in ICT.
  • Those teachers in the humanities have more competence in ICT than teachers in the sciences.
  • Academic qualification of a teacher does not have any effect on teacher’s competence in ICT.
  • Teachers’ competence in the use of ICT is not influenced by their teaching experience.  

It is then evident that the present crop of teachers needs to be retrained to improve their competence in ICT usage. Consequently training of teachers in ICT through seminars and workshops organized by state government should be regulated to termly schedule as against occasional exercise that is prevalent presently. The government should increase  the  supply  of  computer  system  to  schools  and  also  make  provisions  for  their  maintenance.  Internet facilities should also be put in place for schools by the government and credit facilities can also be provided for teachers by the government to encourage individual teacher to have personal computer.  

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