Sensory evaluation of Akara ball made from mung beans flour


Sensory evaluation of Akara ball made from mung beans flour


Akara is a deep-fat fried ball prepared from whipped cowpea paste, flavoured with pepper, onion and salt (McWatters, 1983; Olapade et al., 2004). Whipping of the paste is usually done prior to the addition of other ingredients to incorporate air and enhance the formation of stable foam (Ngoddy, et al., 1986; Hung and McWatters 1990). The paste obtained through milling dehulled and cleaned cowpea seeds can be processed into moin moin and akara by steaming or deep-fat frying of the paste respectively (McWatters, 1983). Akara is the most common cowpea-based product in West Africa (Reber, 1983), which makes it contribution to diet particularly significant. Blending and whipping are important steps in processing of cowpea into akara. Blending clearly aids in reducing the particle size of paste to a more acceptable level and thus aiding in better distribution of moisture. Whipping incorporates air into paste, thus making it foam and giving it good dispensing properties and frying qualities (Mbofung et al., 2002).


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