Swapnex Has Finally Crashed, Investors Money Stolen


Swapnex Has Finally Crashed, Investors Money Stolen

It is no longer news that COTPS has crashed with investors fund

Swapnex, a “arbitrage trading platform” (or at least that’s what their website claims), has been forced (or determined) to significantly reduce withdrawals from May 15th. Withdrawals are now limited to $100 per day and take a lengthy time (over 24 hours; our community has also received payments after more than 40 hours).

They assert in an article that the current situation is a direct result of the market crisis and widespread fear:

The market situation is causing fear among traders and holders. Many exchanges face overload due to withdrawal requests.


They expect the situation to be settled on May 24th. Actually, I think the platform is getting ready for its “Scam Exit.” They’ve also deactivated their Medium account for no apparent reason.

Indeed, if you’ve been following some of the year’s newest trading bots (Quwiex, Attiora, IPC, COTPS and others), you should be aware that the withdrawal capability is the first thing to be impacted prior to a scam exit.

In my opinion, don’t put any more money into this platform because things aren’t going well.

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