The Amazing Ways Alibaba Uses Artificial Intelligence

The following are some of the AI applications that were utilized:

Tmall Smart Selection

This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithm, which is also assisted by deep learning and natural language processing, assists in proposing products to customers and then notifies stores to enhance inventory in order to fulfill demand.

Dian Xiaomi

According to Alibaba, this chatbot that is driven by AI can understand more than 90 percent of the queries that users ask, and it provides assistance to more than 3.5 million individuals on a daily basis. The most recent incarnation of the chatbot is able to comprehend the feelings of a client, and it can prioritize the difficulties that the customer is having as well as notify human customer service staff when they are needed to step in.

Robotic Supply Kits

The packaging will be handled by robots, while the delivery will be completed by drones. The more than 200 robots that are located in automated warehouses have the capacity to process over one million different shipments of freight every single day. Immediately following the placement of the orders on Singles Day, the robots rapidly wrapped and sent out the goods. Because of the great level of efficiency they operate at, the robots were sometimes able to ship the orders on the exact same day they were placed. Additionally, Alibaba made several deliveries using drones for some of its packages.

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