Organizations are increasingly looking at human resources as a unique asset that can provide sustained competitive advantage. The changes in the business environment with increasing globalization, changing demographics of the workforce, increased focus profitability through growth, technological changes, intellectual capital and the never-ending changes that organizations are undergoing, have led to increased importance of managing human resources. Devanna, Fombrun and Tichy 1981; Wright (1998).

The impact of human resources management in an organization’s strategic management planning is extremely important in helping firm to find ways to compete effectively in the domestic and foreign market.

However to improve  the         quality and productivity in organizations most executive employs human resources management such as employees motivation programs, employees training and education, and changing the organization’s culture, including other resources in order to achieve results.

According to Jack Pitz-enz (2000:7) “people are the only element with the inherent power to generate value”. All other components offer only inert potentials. By their nature, they add nothing, and they cannot add anything until some human beings be it the lowest – level laborers, the most ingenious  professional or the loftiest executive leverage that potential by putting it into action.

The increasing significant role of human resource management in achieving objectives is evident in the transformation functions. It has evolved from concentration on employee welfare to one of managing people in a way so as to obtain the best and highest productivity possible from the employee, through methods that provide the employees with both intrinsic and extrinsic reward.

Human Resources Management is the strategies and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets; the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. The term “Human Resources Management” has largely replaced the term “Personnel Management” as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. In simple words, Human Resources Management means employing people, developing their capabilities, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements.

Human manpower is effectively utilized in the libraries for optimum utilization of available resources and for providing better library services to the organization. Shifting workforce and labor market demographics, technology, globalization, economic uncertainty, and increased competition are factors requiring restore the human resources function to meet out the need and requirement in the organization. In any organization, human resources department is responsible for administrative and operational roles such as benefits and payroll processing, manpower handling, recruitment and selection and employee position changes. These are the main activities of the Human resource department. Maximizing the efforts of human beings and their contribution in the libraries and information centres (LICs) are not an easy task. It is a big challenge. In this present scenario, Information technology and outsourcing have allowed Human resource departments to achieve maximum efficiencies in managing the activities of human resources.

Now a day, optimum utilization of human resources and human relation is big challenge to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Libraries and information centres are facing the problem of managing the human resources and their contribution to maximizing the efforts towards library services. The priority should be given for the human resource management for successful of any organization. There is a new approach to improve the performance of human resource such as acquire new and innovative skills, satisfying the employees, reward them based on their performance, motivating the employees towards objectives of the organization, career development and training and development. The paper reviewed the HRM approach about awareness on the levels of participation by librarian and library staffs and how their working relations among employees and employers which may create an friendly environment that enhances overall performance of library management.


Most organizations in recent times now face challenges of human resources management with the result that their human resources is ineffectively and inefficiently managed.This inadequacy in human resource management could be attributed but not limited to the following problems;

  • Organizations specifically, face the problem of poor human resource planning, which is reflected by poor recruitment, selection and placement policies. This has resulted in lower productivity levels of complaints from customers with subsequently lower revenues, higher cost, higher staff turnover, poor industrial relations. Consequently, the uncompetitive position of the organizational goals and objective.
  • There is a problem of ineffective staff training and development programmes consequently leading to idleness of member, loose of creativity, poor self concept among employees, low competency among employees and generally low employee productivity.
  • The motivation and compensation policies are very low and ineffective sometimes in organizations consequently leading to lack of commitment and motivation among employees, lack of interest, low expectation among employees.
  • Management/employee relationship is often not palatable because of poor communication system and leadership style resulting in lower satisfaction, low morale, disloyalty, emotional immaturity, high resistant behaviour and antagonistic attitude among employees which has a negative effect on the general performance of the firm.
  • There are assured social security plans for employees consequently leading to low level of trust and confidence, feeling of insecurity, low quality of life, workers inefficiency and low level of trust and confidence among workers. Generally resulting to low productivity.

These entire problems however, compelled the researcher to investigate the phenomenon.


The prime objective of this study is to evaluate The Challenges Of  Management And Human Resources In Library. Apart from the primary objectives, other specific objectives are enumerated as follows:

  1. To identify the issues of human resource in the academic libraries
  2. To assess the Job satisfaction of the library professionals
  3. To provide suitable suggestion to overcome the problems 


The following research questions will be addressed in this study:

  1. What are the issues of human resource in the academic libraries?
  2. What are the level of Job satisfaction of the library professionals?
  3. What are the suitable suggestion to overcome the problems ?


The significance of the study cannot be overemphasized. This study is relevant to all classes of people especially the following under listed people:

  • The organization or firm
  • The Academic Body
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Government
  • Researchers

The study will critically examine the impact of human resources management on organizations performance. Thus, it will enable human resources managers who are primarily concerned with the recruitment and development of the human resources capital within the organization to always formulate and implement effective policies and practices with respect to recruitment and selection of employees, training and development compensation and employee/management relations.

The data generated from the study will be sufficient to expand further fields of knowledge and also to serve as a source of information and data to other researchers who wish to carryout a study in related topic. The study will also help the management and staff of organizations to adopt the most effective Human Resources Management practices in their organization.

With regards to the industry, the research will show the proper benefits of Human Resources Management practices and as well help members of staff and management of Human Resources Management, practices which will in turn improve the organizations productivity and industry at large.

Finally, the findings and recommendations offered by this research work will be of great value to the practicing and potential managers.

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