The challenges facing the Media in dissemination of information ( a case study of vanguard newspaper)


The subject matter of this work is “challenges facing the media in Dissemination of information” in carrying out the research work, the researcher adopted the survey design using the questionnaire measuring instrument; this was to measure the public’s opinion, to ascertain about the media in information dissemination. The researcher further the study by adopting representative sample of the wider population by using non-probability sampling method or judgment method to find out from the public the challenges facing the media in dissemination of information. The researcher used chi-square to analyze the data that was collected from the respondents; it is observed that, there are challenges faced by the media in dissemination of information.  Some of the challenges facing the media are posed by the government. The government should allow the media to exercise the law of “freedom of information” this will go a long way in aiding the media to gather information and disseminate to the heterogeneous audience. 

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