The Effect of Chatbot in academic performance of college students

The Effect of Chatbot in academic performance of college students


Chatbots are swiftly taking over a number of areas, including medical, the product and service sector, and education. Chatbots are computer systems that can converse orally and in text. The way that students learn and conduct information searches may change as a result of these programs, according to a growing body of study. In large-scale learning environments with more than 100 students per professor, chatbots can help with the problem of personalised student support.

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human discussions through text or voice exchanges (Rouse, 2017). This definition states that chatbots are any type of software that enables people to have a conversation with a computer. Talkbots are included in this.

Various terms for chatbots include conversational agents, artificial conversational entities, and virtual assistants like Google Home or Alexa from Amazon. Chatbots are frequently employed in dialog systems for a variety of functions, such as information gathering and customer assistance (Serban et al., 2017).

Important of Chatbots in Education

  • Interaction among students
  • inquiry about courses
  • Paasing of information to students
  • Answers questions of school fes registration
  • Responds to student’s urgent need
  • Helps tacher to know the demands of student


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