The effect of twitter ban on journalism practices and freedom of expression in Nigeria


On the heels of Nigeria’s recent Twitter ban, this report examined he effect of  twitter ban on journalism practices and freedom of expression in Nigeria. The study used media and legal papers to get the views of government officials, religious leaders, industry experts, international organizations, legal experts, and IT-based business professionals on the ban. The results were very interesting, too. Journalists rights to freedom of speech, access, and information exchange have been violated by the Twitter ban, it has been revealed. It was found that the restriction had had such a negative impact on the economy that it had impeded the flow of information among business colleagues, resulting in job losses, sparked hostility amongst investors, and led to the demise of several companies. Twitter has been found to be a viable source of income for many citizens, as well as a tool for boosting the country’s economy, and the government should reconsider its position and give users access.

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