The purpose of this study was to establish the effects of training and motivation on organizational productivity, to investigate the factors that militate against training and motivation in organizations leading to increased productivity.  The study was put together utilizing existing related literatures on training and motivation of human resources in organizations.  Raw data were collected through questionnaires and oral interview; analyzed through statistical tool chi-square, to establish relationships, which formed the basis on which the researcher accepted or rejected the hypothesis.  The major findings of the study were: (1) That manpower training and motivational practices are essential planning strategies of any organization that desires to meet the challenges posed by changes in economic, technological trend in the society.  (2) Properly organized and implemented training and motivational practices of human resources in organizations promote increased productivity.  (3)  That a properly organized and implemented motivational practice should be adequately compensating and made flexible so that employee’s pay and financial rewards are open to some measure of review in line with current inflation rate in the country.   (4) That training and motivational in organizations bring about operational efficiency and excellent competitive advantage and promotes good labour-management relationship. (5) That where adequate training and motivation is instituted on organizations, both the employers and employees benefit greatly.  It was concluded that: (1) Training and motivation of employees is a viable and veritable means of achieving improvement in the level of organizational productivity. (2) For Training and Motivational practices instituted by organizations to be successful, it must be well thought out, properly organized and implemented, and of course, adequately financed. (3) The workers must see the entire process of Training and Motivation to be free and fair.  It was recommended that (1) Organizations should update Manpower Training and Motivational practices in order to keep their employees abreast of modern technology in vogue, which shall in a great way boost the organizational productivity. (2) Training programmes should be conducted regularly by organizations.  (3) Organizations should pay their employee commensurately to attract additional efforts and increased productivity.  (4) Adequate funds should be made available for Training and Motivational practices of Human Resources in organizations so as to determine high level of their success

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