McCarthy, et al.(1999), stated that the time between the dependence of childhood and the responsibility of adulthood is a unique life stage in which youth attempt to gain autonomy and at the same time belong to a group. As adolescents struggle to find identity, popular music saturates mass media and “helps to cement a larger social constellation linking media images of stars and celebrities and particular musical genres to specific peer groups, cliques, or gangs. They further noted that youth find expression through their group identification and their popular culture choices. Popular music culture, in every genre, offers a set of dress, speech and social behavior patterns of which to emulate. The side effect of this is that it has great tendency to mould their behaviour in the wrong pattern. Recently, Nigerian music videosand the popular culture which youths are exposed have been accused of portraying violence and its adverse effect on the behaviors of Nigerian youths and the society at large can be devastating.

Some explicit images in the music videos include: Sex scenes, nudity, obscenity, vulgar language, indecent dresses, killings, murder, beating up women, smoking, molestation and harassment (Muhammad and Bushra, 2015). These are self-injurious in nature, and may have strong influence on the youths. Further, a worrisome aspect of these music videos is that none of the music stars actively canvasses for the discouragement of the negative tendencies acted out on the screen. And the failure by government and its agency to totally bound music videos that promotes social ills and violence (Suleimanu and Nnamdi, 2011).

Also, it has been observed that youth who are addicted to watching of foreign music videos most times showcase foreign culture and behaviours without knowing. Nigeria was not known before as a nation prone to suicide tendency, but since foreign music videos started finding their way to Nigeria soil the rate of suicide tendency have increased due some suggestions made by this foreign singers and some of the terrific graphic images their videos showcase (Muhammad & Bushra, 2015).

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