The Nigerian Military Role in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

The Military Role in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that has been wreaking havoc since late 2019, has completely stilted the rotation of human civilization, as states have limited all kinds of locomotion, sent people home for months to sustain public health, all the while attempting to bring the situation under somewhat of control. COVID 19 has also made us take a fresh look at things, structures and our overall preparedness to meet such crises. All insturments of national power have been harnessed and put to use and countries across the world have deployed their armed forces to counter the spread of the pandemic.

With new crises arising every new decade, the military has become a tool to resist and secure against all kinds of non-traditional issues, almost more than they are deployed to fight against traditional security threats. And why wouldn’t they be? Military organisational structure enables them to provide surge power, such as mobilising additional resources to meet exceptional demands, at a pace and scale that no other government body can match. Military forces are composed of qualified staff, clearly organised into teams with a specified chain of command. This gives them the ability to shape and redesign units effectively across a variety of operations. And because of this, states, and even international organisations (EUROMIL, NATO, etc) across the globe have chosen to utilise their military.

But of course, a few major issues lie with using the military to enforce crowd control, which is why prominent states like the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have refused to deploy their military to keep domestic order

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