The Rise of a New World Power: A Case Study Of China


The Rise of a New World Power: A Case Study Of China


China’s rise to power has become central in Asia-Pacific regional affairs and has irrevocably impacted worldwide politics. Although up to this point, China’s rise to power has largely been peaceful, this could change in the future as regional and global partners continue to react to China’s increasing power. This thesis explores China’s rise to power at three different levels: domestic, regional and global. In doing so, it analyzes various impacts to and of China’s rise and the ramifications it could have for the region and the world. Through an examination of various components of international relations theory, each chapter assesses the impacts of this rise and explores China’s vulnerabilities. Within China, fragile human security issues exist that could ultimately destabilize the regime and its power. Regionally and internationally, China has allowed its rise to power to take on a negative connotation. This is largely a result of China’s aggressive behavior directed towards its neighbors. China must establish its role as a rising power in the larger global arena and how it intends to impact the world. This thesis ascertains that China’s rise to power has come to negatively affect relations in the region and the world. It also makes clear the need for China to modify its approach. China’s rise to power will have a lasting effect on global affairs and change international relations as we know it.


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