At the beginning of this millennium activities globally faced new challenges including teaching particularly with globalization of the world as one village in terms of information and communication technology. The modern technology has narrowed the world to the point that people interaction has become too close with virtually no barrier. To this angle education is not excluded. The paper views the role of ICT and the teaching of technical education in general and metalwork as a profession an forward possible ways to enhance its teaching through the effective usage of modern ICT techniques. Human beings by their nature are not static in the sense they change due to physical growth, mental development, social interaction and environmental development and changes. These phenomena make human beings to be naturally dynamic. It is believed that education is the only tool that makes effective changes in human life and the changes are for better. The dynamism of education caused it to constantly undergo reviews and changes triggered by societal demands and general needs. To this angle education is use as instrument per excellence for solving socio-economic problems of unemployment, hunger, poverty, Adewumi (2009). This assertion makes education to be dynamic in nature and must be under review from time to time. Planners are always making it standard both in teaching and learning, incorporate new materials in terms of curriculum content to be in conformity with global changes. Teaching and learning are the two principles components of what education is all about. Both of them can not be effective if required tools to enhance them are not available. These tools are materials needed in order to simply the teaching and learning of the curriculum. In a classroom situation or any environment for the purpose of instruction, three elements are involved. These elements are:- 1. The source 2. The medium 3. The receiver These three elements must always be functional if at all teaching and learning should take place

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