The role of private security guards in the prevention of crime in Nigeria

Role of private security guards in the prevention of crime in Nigeria (case study Abuja)


Protection of life and property is an age-old need of human beings. Through the ages, territoriality and personal interest played an important role in the protection of life and property. The historical development of private security throughout the world displays a colorful history – from ancient to modem times. The birth of modern policing originated as a result of private security during the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, private security developed into a formidable entity to such an extent that private security has surpassed public policing in many nations. Presently, private security in Nigeria has also outgrown public policing. The proposed study aims at narrowing the gap in our substantive knowledge about the role of private security guard in crime prevention by means of two structured questionnaires; one for public and one for private security respondents.  The study aims at comparing the perceptions of both public and private security respondents in regard to the role and function of private security in crime management. Research techniques which will be implemented in the proposed study are a literature study regarding a wide range of aspects pertaining to the role of private security in crime prevention, structured questionnaires reflecting the demographic (independent variables) of the respondents as well as their responses on the dependent variable, non-probability techniques, frequency distributions and cross-correlation of statistical information intended to provide a greater clarity about the dependent variable.

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