The trends in Human Resources management in the global era of COVID-19 pandemic


What is the trends in Human Resources management management in the global era of COVID-19 pandemic?


  • Shifting demographic patterns

The workforce is getting older with the baby boomer population being at a higher percentage than the younger generation. These employees are approaching their retirement age due to which finding younger talent, knowledge transfer to younger generation etc. has gained importance. From a gender point of view, firms are providing equal opportunities to men and women thus encouraging women to join the workforce. Also, firms are increasing diversity at work place by recruiting individuals from various backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities etc.

  • The pace of technological changes

Firms are becoming more technology focused to ensure they gain competitive advantage in the market, In a quest to implement new technologies, firms are looking for skilled resources in these technologies and are also providing the required training for its employees to master the technological skills.

  • Increase in globalization

Firms are going global to increase their customer base, take advantage of the cheap labor in other countries, ease of regulations to establish units in other countries etc. This is resulting in increased diversity with employees travelling to other countries, interacting with other distant colleagues over various communication channels etc. Employers are looking for skilled resources irrespective of their nationality or backgorund.

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