The Use of “TRUTH” Social Media by Donald Trump and its Impacts on the Political and Social Activities of the World

TRUTH” Social media by Donald Trump and its impacts on the political and social activities

TRUTH Social is a social media platform which allows registered users for free profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues or acquaintance online. TRUTH social app can be downloaded via playstore.  TRUTH social is founded by former President Donald Trump in 2021.

The ideas for TRUTH social was conceived  after the former president was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a riot January 6th 2020. Twitter permanently banned him, Facebook said the earliest he could come back to the platform was 2023, and YouTube said his ban would be lifted after the “risk of violence has decreased.”

TRUTH social will have a potential benefits in the social, political and economic environment.

Social benefit of TRUTH Social; It will connect users together and create an avenue for shared culture among different group, race.

Political benefit of TRUTH Social; It will create a common ground to share political opinion without fear of censoring posts and opinion

Economic benefit of TRUTH Social; It will create a common marketplace for consumers and entrepreneurs to share business ideas together.


In conclusion , TRUTH Social app will be launched through a new company formed by a merger of the Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp, listed on the Nasdaq, as per its statement.

(By the way, marketing materials for TRUTH’s iOS app show a screenshot with a list of posts from publications including The New York Times, Variety, Fox News and TechCrunch. The headline displayed next to our logo has never appeared on this site and TechCrunch does not have an account on TRUTH.)

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