Threat to education institutions on national development in Nigeria

This article explores the challenges facing the educational system in Nigeria as well as the potential solutions. Education is the cornerstone of any kind of progress. However, unfortunately, the educational system in Nigeria is plagued by a wide variety of issues. These include insufficient classrooms, teaching tools (projectors, computers, laboratories, and libraries), a shortage of qualified instructors, and a bad or polluted learning environment. There is also a lack of finance, which results in inadequate educational infrastructures. In addition to these shortcomings, our educational system is also beset by a number of social ills, including test malpractices, cultism, hooliganism, and corruption. The problem of financing is one that has to be revisited by the government in order for there to be any genuine improvement in the educational sector. Investors from the private educational sector, educators! Students, as well as their parents and teachers, need to have their priorities realigned with those of education in order to be successful. Additionally, everyone should be able to fund their educational opportunities. The existing, singularist approach to the accumulation of knowledge absolutely has to be revised. If our country is ever going to break free of its current reliance on technology and scientific advancements, then centers for innovation and adaptation, as well as technical education, need to be supported with enough funding. The government and the organized private sector both need to contribute to the funding of research programs, innovations, and the manufacturing of huge quantities of things produced.

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