The study under Consideration was “Training Discipline and Performance Evaluation in a Bureaucratic Organization”. In analyzing how, Warri Refinery Petroleum Cooperation was taken, as Case Study and the objective was to examine the usefulness of training, discipline and performance evaluation. In analyzing the usefulness of training, discipline and performance evaluation as a guide to decision made by Warri Refinery Petroleum Cooperation, the descriptive type of study was used. Primary and Secondary data was used. Specifically, data was extracted from the company’s journals and staff, and compared. It was found that the years under focus 1978 to 2008 the Company recognized the relevance of training, hence it made provision for the training of all categories of staff over the years. Human Resources are the most valuable assets of an organization and if not properly managed, the attainment of the organizational goals will be difficult. To enhance workers performance, they have to be trained on periodic basis to acquire new skills that are crucial to the effective and efficient performance of their duties. For these new skills learnt to be put to use, discipline should be their watchword because laid down rules of the organization must be adhered to, as to be able to achieve conformity of workers behaviour for positive results. Performance evaluation is the mirror that brings out the employee’s strength and weaknesses after assessment or evaluation, done periodically by a superior. It was recommended that the company should plan and organize such training programmes on more regular basis, and the Application of non-objective factors in the selection of candidates to be trained be discouraged. Also adequate and effective machinery for dealing with cases of misconduct by employees be used. The performance evaluation of employees should be based on merits or objectively done, to enhance efficiency and productivity; favoritism should be totally eradicated from the system, if much is to be achieved by the organization. The interview system of performance evaluation should be adopted in place of the confidential system, which has been unproductive. This will no doubt give employees the confidence on the assessment of their performance, as they believed that it is objectively done or evaluated.

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