Types and Nature of IoT in Educational system


Types and Nature of IoT in Educational system

Smart Learning

The two primary participants in the learning systems in the conservative learning environment are the lecturers who demonstrate and the students who watch and learn. Traditional methods of instruction and learning required that both parties be present at the same time and place, which is challenging for both parties to undertake.

The intelligent learning environment can take the place of all these conventional learning barriers. The four tiers of smart learning concepts—learning, evaluation, interaction, and analysis—memorize the sustained presence of intelligent systems.

The  smart  learning  system’s  main  determinants  are  considering  student aspirations, knowledgeable talent, and knowledge levels to create a transparent learning environment for the lecturers .A  smart  learning  atmosphere  makes  available  an  overall,  interoperable  and  continuous  learning  architecture  to participate and exchange three primary measurements of learning resources: learning partners, learning contents, and learning  services.

The  classic  smart  learning  environment  consists  of  student  preservation  systems,  real-time  learning,  users’  distribution  and  assessment  of  ultimatums,  interactive  recycling  lectures,  and  online  course materials. Over the previous decades, teaching and learning have historically been restored towards applying forwarding thinking technologies. A  methodology  that  shows  students  build  their  performance  through  social  networks  across  campus provides a context-based foundation for instructional learning experiences. The methodology uses mobile sensing and learning  technologies  with  web  servers  built  to  achieve  a  holistic  learning  environment  (u-learning).  Instead, additional requirement assessment in terms of student behavior and content

Smart Classroom

A Smart Classroom is an intelligent class that integrates creative teaching and learning strategies with new pedagogy into evolving technologies. This smart classroom concept’s system requirement is needed to ensure active interactions among students and lecturers to interact virtually without neglecting the course objectives .Smart classroom concepts have proven to influence internet-based learning, such as e-learning, m-learning, and many distance education systems, or a smart environment designated with a collection of resources that interact with the students and lecturers. As part of interactive learning, smart classrooms are a place for students to learn and work together. In orderto achieve specific cooperative tasks, lecturers encourage students to work in small groups. In this context, students are encouraged to guide each other to cope with difficult challenges.  In  having  proper  interaction  and  concentration,  the  smart  classroom  creates  an  atmosphere  that facilitates the transformation from traditional classroom models to active classes where the layout most suitablefor a group of four to six students[24].Moreover, this smart classroom concept can be enhanced. All laptops, tablets, and projectors are connected to create a gateway to enable students to engage more in collaborative learning and inspire active interaction between students and lecturers.

Smart Laboratories

In  the  laboratory, IoT  is utilized  to  allocate  appropriate  time  and  takes full  advantage of  the  available  resources  to retains  energy.  For  example,  to  enter  the  smart  lab,  students  are required  to  have  an  RFID  tag.  All  the  lights automatically switch on as entering the lab, and each student will be assigned a specific device. The system tracks the usage of the labs and opens more labs when it is necessary. It is also able to shut down any unoccupied or suspicious computers.  Air  conditioners  are  also  automatically  switched  on  only  when  the  temperatures  are  out  of  range. Eventually, generate efficient and effective lab management and power control facilities.


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