Violations Of Right To Life And Education By Boko Haram In Yobe State, Nigeria

Violations Of Right To Life And Education By
Boko Haram In Yobe State, Nigeria


The issue of human rights violations has been a problem in developing countries right from the pre-independent era. In Nigeria, the feelings that independence and democratic governance would curb human rights violations was short-lived by prolonged military rule. The 1999 return to democratic governance in Nigeria is characterized by the activities of terrorism, which further seems to compound the problem of human rights violation. This research examined the impact of Boko Haram terrorism on the right to life and education in Yobe state, Northeast Nigeria. This research espoused David Easton’s systems theory as its theoretical framework. The study adopted the qualitative approach and made use of both secondary and primary data. Semi-structured interview questions were employed as a guide to the administration of oral interviews. Themes and sub-themes were extracted through thematic analysis. The research revealed that Boko Haram terrorist activities have grossly violated the rights of the people living in northeast Nigeria. More so, the study disclosed that apart from the Boko Haram attacks on military bases in the Yobe state, the right to life and education are constantly under serious attack in the state. To surmount the danger of Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria, the study recommends, among others, that the Nigerian government should address the root causes of the problem through soft power approach, before strengthening her military strategies and seeking international cooperation and support.

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