Waste disposal practices, Regulation and its Attitudinal influence on senior secondary School

The topic of environmental protection has attained highest importance in this era globally but the practices of basic concepts waste disposal are often neglected. People around the globe are aware of the impact of improper waste disposal practices, but the negative attitude of implementation gives rise to chaotic situations. This study was conducted to obtain baseline information about waste management practices among school children in Nigeria. This cross sectional study was conducted using a well designed and validated questionnaire. Out of one thousand students of a high school and higher secondary school from Lagos , 300 were randomly selected. The data analyzed using student t-test showed, high school students are more aware about household waste management than the higher secondary school students. It is evident from this study that there is significant difference between awareness and practice. Our study reveals the necessity of giving mass awareness to the impact of waste disposal practices from the beginning of school education. Committed environmental education will inculcate a proper and appropriate environmental culture in the students. As the study revealed awareness of e-waste disposal is lacking there is an urgent need to rectify this gap in knowledge and practice.

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