Ways to Fix Adsterra Ads Limit

If you are facing an ads limit issue with Adsterra, here are some ways to fix it:

  1. Optimize Your Ad Placements: Review your website’s ad placements to ensure that they comply with Adsterra’s guidelines. Make sure to follow the recommended ad density and spacing guidelines to avoid exceeding the ad limit.
  2. Reduce the Number of Ads: If you have too many ads on your website, try reducing the number of ads to comply with Adsterra’s policies. Remove any excess ads or ad units that are not performing well.
  3. Use Different Ad Formats: Adsterra offers a variety of ad formats such as native ads, push notifications, and pop-unders. Consider using different ad formats to diversify your ad revenue streams and avoid relying on a single ad format.
  4. Request an Ad Limit Increase: If you are still facing an ad limit issue after optimizing your ad placements and reducing the number of ads, you can contact Adsterra support and request an ad limit increase. However, make sure to provide valid reasons for the increase and ensure that your website is fully compliant with their guidelines.
  5. Consider Using a Different Ad Network: If you are unable to resolve the ad limit issue with Adsterra, consider using a different ad network that provides better support for your website’s needs.

By following these steps, you can resolve an ad limit issue with Adsterra and ensure that your website is fully compliant with their policies.

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