An Electronic System For Staff Promotion And Placement

Promotion And  Promotion Placement

Promotion and placement refers to the process by which an employee is promoted from one job position to another in an organization, typically with a higher salary range, a higher level job title, and frequently more and higher-level job responsibilities, all while being assigned to a specific job after the promotion.


Since its introduction into several areas of research, industry, commerce, scientific research, and technological development in general, the computer has been proven to be immensely valuable in every human endeavor due to its versatility as a data machine. This promotion program, which will effect worker pay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, is now being developed by organizations, committees, governments, and other commercial entities. As a result of this body of scientific , The design and implementation of an electronic system for staff promotion and placement sought to determine the perception of civil servants being promoted manually, as well as identify factors that affect the manual system and the best possible solution as regards the problem associated with it. This was done in order to design and implement an electronic system for staff promotion. The researcher also inquired about the views held by the staff members on the use of the computerized system for performance evaluations as a tool for merit-based promotions. The visual environment, as well as the system flow chart and the program flow chart, are the tools that are used in the process of achieving the goals that were defined for the system. In order to ensure the most effective and efficient execution of the computerized civil service promotion scheme, the parallel change over plan was used. This plan was also used for the plan of training the employees. In conclusion, the development of information technology and computerization will bring about improvements in productivity and simplify the process.


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