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On , we highlight the best research from numerous academic fields and provide current project topics and ideas, materials for seminars and term papers, articles, dissertations, and business plan guidance. The research topics in this platform have been organized into communities that group publications by department and/or subject. You can browse the different departments below to find a list of project topics, or you can use a search button on this website to sort your topic.


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Project Topics and Ideas  


This platform have listed the most current project topics that worth scholarly attentions based on trending issues. This new project topics and materials have been found useful for undergraduate and postgraduate student researchers in Nigeria, Africa and the world atlarge. Below are the new project topics and areas of research that required scholars output;

Naira Redesign Project Topics

The challenges surrounding the naira redesign and related policies in Nigeria, which began in late 2022 and persisted through 2023, gave rise to the term “naira redesign topics.” Since there is currently a paucity of literature in this field, project supervisors from Nigeria Universities, Polytechics and Colleges will highly appreciate this area of study interest. The topics that are currently accessible in relation to the redesign of the naira are listed below.

Boko Haram Project Topics

Bokoharam problems date back to 2011, when the organization carried out its first strike on a target of Western concern—a vehicle-bomb attack on the UN offices in Abuja—resulting in at least 23 fatalities and more than 80 injuries. After the incident, Boko Haram’s problems have expanded to include both regional and global challenges. Despite the fact that there are few research on Bokoharam, the literature in the field is still lacking. Researchers and scholars in West Africa, especially Nigeria, might find the topics mentioned under Bokoharam to be interesting. The topics for the Bokoharam project are presented below’

Endsars Project Topics

EndSARS is a decentralized social movement that took place in Nigeria in October 2020 and was a series of large-scale demonstrations against police brutality. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a brutal division of the Nigerian Police with a lengthy history of torturing and killing Nigerian residents, is to be disbanded, according to the statement. Another intriguing field of study that merits academic investigation is EndSARS.  Research on such topic is still lacking. The first website to create topics in the field was The subjects on

Enaira Project Topics

President Muhammad Buhari introduced and activated the eNaira on October 25, 2021. The Central Bank of Nigeria designed and regulates the digital currency known as eNaira. The introduction of the eNaira in Nigeria has long been criticized. The eNaira is a neglected topic of study that required significant academic attention. As there is presently a scarcity of study on the topic, management science and social science researchers should pay close attention to it. The subjects that are accessible on eNaira are listed below.

Twitter Ban Project Topics

Twitter was formally outlawed by the Nigerian government from 5 June 2021 to 13 January 2022, which limited its ability to operate locally. A cost of the Twitter ban is felt by Businesses, people, and political movements. The Twitter ban is a significant subject of academic interest for students who study management and social science. Here are listsof the topics on Endsars;


Undergraduate Project Topics

All the  school project topics and ideas are listed on have been found useful for final year students and academic researchers such as PhD, Msc, Bsc, LLB, ND, HND, NCE and cuts across various disciplines like Administration, Agriculture, Arts, Education, Engineering, Environmental Design, Law, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine.

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