Awareness about causes of occupational hazards: an empirical study of sanitary workers

Awareness about causes of occupational hazards:an empirical study of sanitary workers


The objective of this empirical, quantitative and survey based descriptive research undertaken in Tirunelveli city, Tamilnadu, India is to understand awareness level of sanitary workers working in private multi-speciality hospitals towards causes of various hazards associated with their occupation by analyzing their perception. In order to achieve this objective, the study has sampled 60 sanitary workers using convenience sampling technique and collected primary data from them applying schedule method of data collection. In order to execute schedule method, the questionnaire which was constructed based on observation and experience of the researcher in the field of hospital administration has been used. The secondary data have been collected from journals and websites. Percentage method has been administered to analyze both demographic characteristics and perception of awareness of the respondents. The result of this research has revealed that majority of the sanitary workers had not known anything about various hazards arising as a result of lack of protective devices, weight lifting, improper personal hygiene, imbalanced diet, body bending, long standing, stress, absence of immunization, inadequate rest, long working hours, heavy workload, autocratic leadership style of the superior and work life imbalance

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