On 28th October 2020, Cala robot trading issued a security alert that withdrawal has been affected due to Insurance issues. They stated that they will resume payment in 3days been Monday.

What does this reallly entails? Is CALA on the verge of running away with investors funds?

The truth is that the Security warning of issurance policy by CALA is very suspicious and shows sign of collapsing. Many BOT trading platform that has come and gone used that pattern when they want to exit with investors fund such as COTPS, IPC CAPITAL, 86FB etc

The question is why will withdrawal be having issues and Deposit not having issues?

At this critical point, I will suggest all investors or intending investors to stop depositing untill isssues of withdrawal is sorted out if at all it will be resolved.

Below are the security warning obtained from CALA ROBOT page it read as follow;


CALA Security Center Reminder:
Recently, a large number of CALA users have reported that they have experienced account misappropriation by counterfeit websites, resulting in loss of funds. CALA has updated Security Center. Be sure to bind your email and Google Authenticator.
In order to prevent security problems caused by customers not binding their email addresses and Google Authenticator, CALA will complete the insurance identity verification within 3 working days
At the same time, CALA will launch a financial insurance policy to ensure the safety of your funds in response to users’ doubts about the safety of funds. For insurance-related information, please contact the online tutor or customer service hotline

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