The present study analysed and scrutinised the effects of terrorism on international peace and security and educational systems in Africa and beyond in the wake of a new millennium perspective. It is qualitative study which employed multi – method and data triangulation methods to generate data regarding the studied phenomenon. It randomly selected 14 participants from a population of 25 targetted participants. Terrorism is a menace and is like an aching tooth whic h needs to be rooted out but has no immediate remedy. The magnitude of destruction, loss of life, injuries and disabilities have all made human kind fail to find comfort in their governments as citizens are left vulnerable to indiscriminate attacks of terr orists. The effects of terrorism range from short, medium and even long term. The economic effects of terrorism are enormous and they erode the savings of the state, divert some money designed for other projects to fighting terrorism and rebuilding of infr astructure as well as relief services. While death, injuries and capital destruction are the most visible effects of terrorist attacks, fear, violence, uncertainty and indirect effects of terror are harmful to the economy in the long term. The effects of t errorism are contagious in a global village where there is interconnectedness of activities including trade routes. Terrorism has significant fiscal effects and both direct and indirect effects on growth. A policy issue of the defense against terror requir es awareness of the motivations and objectives of terrorism. The policy can result in changed perceptions thereby affecting the majority in the way they execute their functions. Terrorism is deemed to be a usurper of human security in general such that the re is chaos among the civilians after being denied access to the securities. The perpetrators of violence must receive severe punishment because of the crimes against humanity and it is the human‟s burden to restore destroyed infrastructure and the enviro nment. As environment degrades and change due to human influence, new diseases arise and old diseases in lethality. It can be argued that terrorism highly affects individual security and education of both adults and young. The continued killings and bombin gs leaves people with no sense of pride in education as the fruits are not realised due to terrorism. The research study concludes that terrorism has negatively affected collective state effort in maintaining international peace and security especially the period between 2000 and 2010. The concept is usually favoured during large conferences whose idea is to stimulate research while on the ground states act together with friends than enemies. Politics is thus the struggle for power and peace. The research pr ovides that terrorism has negatively affected collective state effort in maintaining international peace and security especially from 2000 to 2010. These problems are very difficult to mitigate given that the states are driven by their individual interests rather than collective efforts. If the economy is deteriorating, then many people , especially , in Africa fail to send children to Primary School, page 2 ISSN NO 2320 – 5407 International Journal of Advanced Research (2013), Volume 1 , Issue 8, 694 – 710 695 High School, College and University for an education of their desire . Individual security allo ws children to find better educational facility. But terrorism seeks to break all that. In turn, the nation as a whole will not function properly. The study recommends that there is need to observe human rights and all protocols relating to the protection of civilians. There is also need to provide stiffer measures to terrorists who target civilians once they are multilaterally caught and tried. The research study recommends that Open Distance Learning (ODL) should be used a panacea to better educational sy stems during the time of crisis and beyond. As students drop out of school due to the reasons related to terrorism, ODL will provide a gap between lessons missed or time lost. This will be a powerful weapon to insulate a nation against the effects of terro rism on educational system.


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