Reasons Why COTPS Crashed and What Investors Should Know

Why Did COTP Ponzi Scheme Crashed?

Due to the lack of genuine earnings, COTPs Ponzi scheme requires a steady infusion of new money to continue by robbing Peter to pay Paul. So since it becomes difficult to attract new investors due to the global fall in price of Crypto and investors  massive withdrawal rate, COTP was doomed to a short lifespan hence they crashed. As a result, most investors lose all of their investments.

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Is COTP having Issues with OTP Verification Issues?

  • Well as a guru who have been following trends in Ponzi scheme, this is a pattern and blatant lies for closure.
  • COTPS are buying enough time to make there final exit. They are not having any issues what so ever.
  • The OTP verification SMS investor do receive is from the company called QSMS Ltd. The QSMS, which stands for Quality and Safety Management System, is a high-end technological solution designed to optimize the productivity of organizations. The company is not having any problem as findings revealed.
  • Infact COTP has preset every investors accounts to be receiving 4X fake SMS verification code in every 24hours. All thos code will return as WRONG VERIFICATION CODE 4X. This is the exact pattern one Ponzi scheme in Nigeria called 86FB used to swindled investors over $50 billion US dollars few months ago.

Final Thoughts on COTPS

Investors of COTPS should stop wasting there time clicking transaction hall  (a tab that allows them to trade). They are wasting there time. The platform has crashed. Pick up your life and move on. It is not the end of e road, suicide is not an option. Dont go into depression because of people who do not worth it. Stay safe and be strong!

This page will post a legitimate trade if any comes around. KEEP CHECKING US………..



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