Best free 2021 project topics on Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic have rapidly touched all countries of world, affecting both private and public organizations, Students, educators, and education researchers were not also left spared. The educational system and managements such as instructors, institution leaders, and educational policy makers are indeed facing some levels of an unprecedented challenge as they strive to maintain high quality and equitable teaching and learning despite the rapidly changing ,unpredictable and unsafe environmental conditions.

Education Research topics about covid-19 example has developed this Covid-19 resource page to give the education research community, teachers/lecturers, educational policy makers, and others open access to relevant published research, updates from the scholarly community, and important content from other organizations. Kindly explore the interesting covid-19 research topics below

List of research topics about covid-19 education

  1. Effect of covid-19 on the academic performance of secondary school student
  2. knowledge of causes and prevention of coronavirus (covid-19) among undergraduate student
  3. Effects of information and communication technology on students learning during coronavirus pandemic
  4. The effect of covid-19 on almajiri educational system in Nigeria
  5. Effect of coronavirus outbreak on the academic performance of Students in secondary schools
  6. Effect of covid-19 on the academic performance of secondary school student
  7. The impact of covid-19 on education in Nigeria
  8. Coronavirus:the impact of massive infectious and contagious diseases and its impact on the economic performance
  9. The economic implications of coronavirus towards global economy
  10. The educational implication of school lockdown on students learning capability

About this Covid-19 Research Topic

This useful covid-19  resources for education will no doubt be invaluable for academic researchers, students, government at level and educational policy makers in Nigeria and around the world.

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